Robomow RC306 Review - Smart Gardening Has Never Been Easier

Robomow RC306 Review - Smart Gardening Has Never Been Easier

The Robomow RC306 is seen as a mid-range model, and its closest and most similar competitors are the Bosch Indego 800 and the Worx WG790E and their reviews can be read here. All three can cover areas up to 800 m2 and are in the same price range.

When we talk about smart gardening the RC306 has all the basic features you would expect from a Robomow model - the same safety features, charging system & installation process - but it also has some unique features, such as cutting width, smartphone control and capacity to cut in different areas of the garden.

To know everything about its features, functions and capabilities, read on, because we will analyze them in this review. To discover an introduction to the Robomow line and its features, watch the presentation video below:

Robomow Charging System Review

Like all robotic lawn mowers, the RC306 has its own charging station to which the robot automatically travels to recharge. Unlike many others, the RC306 charging station can be placed outside the cutting area. This is a very useful feature to keep the charging station a little more hidden, for example under a hedge or a porch. Instead of looking at the lawnmower, everyone will look at your wonderful garden!

Lama review

To speed up the entire process, the RC306 has one of the largest cutting blades in its market segment (medium-sized lawns), with a cutting width of 11 inches (28 cm). This means that, moving in a straight line, it covers twice the surface compared to the average robotic mower. This can be seen as a positive or negative side. As far as cutting the grass is concerned, of course, it is a positive aspect, it cuts more grass, but from a safety point of view it could be a little more dangerous. Being wider, the blade is closer to the edge, putting you a little more at risk when you try to lift it.

Robomow PIN & Alarm System

This ensures that the mower cannot be accessed and operated without the code.

If someone tries (unsuccessfully) the alarm will start ringing, and the mower will send a notification to your phone.

Robomow Cutting Mode

The RC306 has a good number of settings, to be used in different environments. Depending on the situation and the period of the year, you can change the settings of the RC306 so that it adapts better to the task in progress.

This tells the mower to work and spin the blades much faster.

It is better suited to periods when the grass has grown a little too much, such as early spring. This is a very useful feature, not used by the competition.

But remember that it will only be possible to activate it for a short time, because it consumes a lot of energy.

The RC306 can work using very little energy to cut your lawn and keep your garden clean. This helps keep lawn mower operating costs down.

However, be careful: this slows down the work of the RC306 and it will take longer to finish the cut.

Robomow app

This app is not only beautiful, but it is also practical. Help those who have a more active lifestyle, or simply love technology.

In any case, you will love it anyway.

With the app you can do all the normal things like checking the scheme, the program and the cutting height.

But it also has a special addition: you can control the mower just like a radio-controlled machine. So, if there are particularly difficult parts of your garden, you can cut them yourself.

Robomow Final Conclusions

The RC306 is truly exceptional. It can be used in a family environment, can handle up to 6 different areas and can be controlled from the palm of your hand. The price is reasonable, and the cut is one of the most accurate on the market, and for this reason it has an excellent quality-price ratio.

All its features make it completely versatile: whatever the shape of your garden, it will manage it. I am sure that, once you see its results, you will fall in love with this machine - and you will be able to see them comfortably from a chair in the garden!

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