Best Indoor & Outdoor Gadgets To Have a Perfect Garden - Smart Garden Tools

Best Indoor & Outdoor Gadgets To Have a Perfect Garden - Smart Garden Tools

If the green thumb has not been given to you, there are many technological allies. For a thumbs up result on social media: thanks to the incredible performances of the latest generation of tech-garden-gadgets, the photos you post on Instagram of flower beds, hedges and trees will be well-liked.

Not only normal people switch to hi-tech gardening sensors, applications, interfaces and controllers controlled by devices: even large companies have embraced technology in the agricultural field. The latest piece of news is that the US supermarket chain Walmart is patenting irrigation and fertilization systems.

Here are 10 hi-tech allies that will help you have a garden that will make your neighbor green with envy:

A must for those who belong to the so-called eco-geen movement is the Flower Parrot Pot Sensor equipped with a asensor that is able to constantly monitor the plants according to four parameters: exposure to the sun, soil moisture degree of saturation, the surrounding temperature and fertilizer levels.

Thanks to the connection via Bluetooth to the smartphone or tablet, the data retrieved from the device will be sent to the app with related advice on what to change and how to improve it significantly.

Very useful of the same brand is also the Parrot Pot, a hi-tech vase equipped with sensors that detect the water quantity in the ground and automatically irrigate it according to the needs of any specific plant .

The followers of the new eco-green movement will find another must have high tech tool in SimLife LED Plant Grow Light Kit, a jar with a built-in LED lamp that produces a type of light very similar to the sun, thus allowing the potted plant to proceed with the natural process of chlorophyll photosynthesis.

Being a very powerful and well calibrated radiation system, the SimLife vessels are perfect for both indoor (especially when the interior of the house is poorly lit by the sun's rays) and for the garden plants or terrace that need a shock treatment: just a few hours of sunbathing with the LED and your green friends will benefit greatly.

Edyn is also very cool gadget for garden lovers with her heart beating in bits. It is a monitoring system that collects and analyzes data regarding weather and soil conditions, after which it suggests in real time how to improve gardening performance via the app. The system comprises two parts, respectively Edyn Garden Sensor and Edyn Water Valve.

The first is the probe equipped with a lithium polymer battery (also rechargeable via solar energy) and wi-fi that allows it to be connected to the Edyn Cloud and deals with data detection (ambient temperature, humidity, intensity of solar rays, conductivity). soil electrical etc.)

Using an algorithm, the data is analyzed and then made available through the dedicated application. The second part, Edyn Water Valve, is the one dedicated to the actual irrigation system. Equipped with a lithium polymer battery and solar panel recharging panel, the data received from the sensor is used to activate and irrigate crops.

Then there is the Gro ™ Water Sensor, a jewel that is highly appreciated by those who are not new to the gardening field but certainly not in the tech field. It is a sophisticated sensor that feels the need to irrigate the plant next to which it is partially buried.

Thanks to a catalog of more than 50 thousand plant specimens available, this cool gadget has all the information regarding water needs of that species and, consequently, will irrigate it automatically (informing the users by email or by push notifications of the app connected).

For very large gardens, a controller like Skydrop ™ Smart Sprinkler, an integrated cloud-based interface that uses real-time weather data and detailed geolocation settings to dynamically regulate frequency and duration of water cycles irrigation , is recommended.

With this smart controller, water use reduction of 35% has been demonstrated, a virtuous result that has been released by EPA . Water Sense certification that guarantees the reduction of water use.

There's also Orbit B-Hyve, the international best-selling timer. With a built-in 1amp, 220v transformer and matching applications for both iOS and Android, this intuitive tool combines its simple timing program with remote wi-fi capabilities.

Users can control the timer via the B-HyveTM app from their computer or directly from the timer (with simplified interface, suitable for the whole family).

Provides intelligent irrigation based on site conditions such as gradient, soil type, sun / shade alternation, historical ET and real-time feed. Schedule irrigation sessions automatically, optimizing them based on weather forecasts. Finally it is compatible with most home automation systems, including Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

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