Logitech K780 and MX Master 2S or MX Vertical - Probably The Best Wireless Kit From Logitech

Logitech K780 and MX Master 2S or MX Vertical - Probably The Best Wireless Kit From Logitech

A wireless kit can save you from alot of headaches, especially those with a Bluetooth connection in order to connect to your phone or tablet. Logitech comes to our aid with a slim, quiet and multifunctional office keyboard, called the K780.

In addition to this keyboard, Logitech offers us two mice version, the MX Master 2S, a famous and very practical mouse or the MX Vertical, which has a different design from almost everything you've seen so far.

Logitech K780 has a simple and practical design. It has a matte gray color with round keys, white accents, and no lighting. What can draw your attention especially is the back, which has a kind of a "ditch". This is actually a tablet or phone support. This support can handle up to two 12.9 inch screen teblets such as the iPad Pro.

The keyboard has no adjustment legs in the back and it is slightly raised from the factory. Although we see a compact keyboard, it has all the necessary keys, including the Num Pad. There are some aspects that bother us, such as the Shift key on the left which is smaller and has a four-function button next to it, the \ | and `~ key, which works with the FN key.

The F keys also have a multimedia function, as long as you use them in combination with the FN key. The keyboard can be connected to up to three devices at the sime time and from the F1 to F3 key, the white ones, you can quickly switch between the devices.

The K780 does not have an integrated battery, and requires three AAA batteries, which are included in the package. Under the battery cover, we also have a Logitech Unifying Reciver. If you do not have Bluetooth on a PC, you can connect this dongle. In addition, the use of this dongle decreases lag and the response time. We would have preferred the keyboard to come with a built-in battery, but we can buy a set of rechargeable batteries.

The keyboard can be used with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. For MacOS and Windows you can install the Logitech Options software, from where you can change various keyboard functions.

We have been using the Logitech MX Master S2 mouse in the office for a long time and we even have two of them. This MX Master S2 is an excellent one, it is precise and the battery lasts for many months. It has seven buttons and two scrolls. The scroll button on the side can be set as desired in the Logitech Options application. The mouse is very ergonomic, big, fits well in the palm, and the possibility to change the functions of the buttons is an advantage for those working in photo or video editing programs.

The scroll is great on this model, and offers the possibility to be used in step by step mode or continuous rotation, moving automatically between modes, depending on the power with which it rotates. The scroll is borrowed from the Logitech G502, but has has been improved with the automatic switching function. The sensitivity of the continuous mode unlock can be set from the Logitech Options software.

For those who want a mouse more ergonomic mouse than the S2, we have the MX Vertical. This mouse does not look like an ordinary mouse, it is with vertical grip. The advantage of a vertical mouse is that it eliminates the tension that is created in the wrist area, so you can work longer, without discomfort.

We could say that the MX Vertical also has a disadvantage, compared to the S2. The MX Vertical no longer has that infinite scroll, which is extremely useful, especially if you work with large files. In addition, it requires a little time for adaptation, having an unusual form, but once you get used to it, it will be very difficult to give up on it and you will wonder how there are so few manufacturers on the market that do not make these kind of mice.

This mouse is not big, but very big, compared to the Master S2, because it is tall and uses USB Type C charging.

The S2 and the MX Vertical work very well in conjuction with Logitech Flow as you can unify the mouse cursor with this app and control two or three computers with a single mouse. You can practically move the cursor from one computer to another as if you were on a computer with multiple monitors. Also with this application you can copy and paste files or text from one computer to another, if they are connected to the same network.

Data transfer is done over the network, not via Bluetooth, so the speed will depend on your network connectivity. The software works whether you have Windows or MacOS. Therefore we have a mouse that really knows what multitasking means and makes your work extremely easy.

The wireless kit can also be purchased separately, and if you don’t want the mouse or keyboard they are available. The awesome thing about purchasing them separate is that you can use THE SAME receiver for all your devices. All you have to do is sync them and they just work.

Logitech did a very good job with the K780 and the MX mice making them our top favorites for day by day usage.

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