Will AT&T Digital Life solve home problems?

In the past two years, many home systems offered several new features with the purpose to make people’s homes safer and now a new device, AT&T Digital Life, might be able to achieve that purpose.
So, several of the devices released throughout the years suffered many problems or bugs.

Will the new AT&T Digital Life solve some of these problems?

Probably yes. But, this new home security system is not perfect, either.


The new AT&T Digital Life is very recommendable on the market, its app interface is very easy to use, having a beautiful integration and some good features.

However, this home security device is different compared with other DIY security systems, because it comes with a two-year contract. This means that customers will have to pay a monthly fee for an AT&T Digital Life package.
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So, probably many customers are not interested in buying individual products, for example an alarm, a thermostat or a lock. They will most likely be more drawn to signing an extended contract, receive a fully integrated system and pay a monthly fee. Signing a contract like this means that customers will have to work with companies more closely than usual.

But, the question is if this fully integrated system is really worth the monthly fee? Well, the new AT&T Digital Life is very good, but probably the price is a little bit high.

This package costs somewhere between 40 dollars, 55 dollars or 65 dollars per month for a two-year contract, depending on what customers are asking for. So, this means that customers will have to pay a high price, but they should know that AT&T Digital Life is one of the best options on the market.

AT&T Digital Life is similar to many other do-it-yourself security systems, for example iSmartAlarm and SimpliSafe. These security systems are available on the market for a few hundred dollars and customers will not have to engage in contractual obligations.

Many of these packages are coming with a couple of contact sensors, devices that indicate if the windows or doors are closed or open, a remote, a motion detector, a camera, an alarm and other gadgets.

Well, AT&T Digital Life has the same gadgets, meaning that customers will be familiar with them. This means that if customers are willing to acquire AT&T Digital Life’s “Smart Security,” they will receive six contact sensors, a keypad, an alarm and a motion detector.

But, if they want to upgrade, customers will receive extra cameras, connected outlets, flood sensors, smart door looks and many others. This is a really good thing, because owners will not have to worry any more if their house is safe or what products should they acquire.

The most expensive package that they can acquire is the “Premium Security and Automations” package. This package is perfect for those who are living at a house, because it comes with an outdoor camera, carbon monoxide sensor, two temperature and water sensors, and many others.

Another good thing to know is that if customers are going for a DIY system, they will receive a notification on their smartphone if there is an alarm, but it won’t automatically call the fire department or the police.

Well, the AT&T Digital Life has these extra features, which make it safer to use. Another good thing about this home security package is that the installation is included in the two-year contract price. On the website customers will also have the opportunity to see many other basic information.

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